The body or dragon that we are living in is sick…and now the cells are fighting off the sickness. what happens to the body when there are to many white blood cells (colonization, gentrification) ? what do the cells that have already been in that space do when that sickness try to take over? They fight back …now the thing is the sickness can take over depending on the disease or whatever or the body wards it off and keep on going on.

The conclusion that I came to just in myself and reading and listening to ancient text is …it is all about you and your body and your mind and yourself. You understanding, loving yourself, you battling your inner demons and overcoming that. That is all the ancient way which is way of knowing self has been taking over, taken out of context and religion-fied .

Things are really simply it is people who made it hard and I realize my whole life I already knew the truth since I was little writing in my diaries and I still have them talking about to myself what I post on here today. I already knew the truth I am just being reminded of it and it’s hard to hone in on it because the evil, misguided, lost ways of the world. we have to “fit in” with the sickness and therefore we become that. Fuck That. This is a free write with no structure, don’t need that anyway to make a point.

The people of the world , “we the people” or you the people have everyone running around with their heads cut off trying to externalize EVERYTHING and going on a journey to try to “find God ” and “find themselves”. This just hit me STOP and Be still. It’s you and in you. That is it and that is all people. Face yourself and love yourself some many things will come out from that.

When I say love and with everything I am saying is doing this with NO EGO. What would the world be like if just about everyone loved themselves and knew themselves and really understood this life process ? What would the world be if just about everyone just stop playing the game that we have been playing with “the system” , “the machine”, “the white man” (colonization) ? what would the world be like if we all just stop and be still and in flow like the waters?

All Credit Goes to Lucid Living TV Powerful Message

These are just mine opinions and thoughts from inner self. I am not trying to offend or say I am absolutely right either. I am just here to bring about new ideas, perspectives, and thoughts. Let me know what you think down below in comments. Please like, share, and subscribe. Feel free to donate or use my referrals. Stay light and balanced.

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