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I wanted to touch on the topic of intelligence and is it important or not. I currently am in college and for this week’s discussion board we talked about intelligence. I wanted to post my opinion and views on intelligence. I feel like ultimately intelligence is more than streets smarts or if you can just simply pass a test. I wanted to know what other people thought as well. Please feel free to comment and let me know what are your views on intelligence.

“I define the intelligence by acquiring and applying knowledge. I also define intelligence by not defining intelligence because your intelligence matters depending on the career path and the common sense you have in my opinion. Intelligence is difficult to define because there is no for sure way to determine how intelligent someone is exactly. From what I learned about intelligence giving various test is one way to determine intelligence (like academically). I do feel even though there are test to try to measure intelligence, it still fall shorts because the tests mainly focus on analytical intelligence. There is still not a way to measure intelligence precisely.

   From the chapter, I agree with Robert Sternberg’s theory of intelligence. His theory was practical, creative, analytical. practical intelligence is common sense or street smarts. Creative intelligence is innovative problem solving and analytical intelligence is academic problem solving. I feel as though his theory on  intelligence is relatable and make more sense to not just define intelligence in one way. I feel culture or society do not play a role in measuring or assessing intelligence. I feel as though scientists or government plays a role in trying to measure intelligence since it was scientists idea to do so. I don’t think it probably was important to society about who was more intelligent than the other until they were forced to go to school and was told they have to care about it. I feel as though every single thing does not need to be explained or measured. I also feel like determining who is more intelligent than the other is situational and depends on numerous factors”.

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