up in my mind
I couldn’t be no where better
swinging on a bench connected to the tree of life
sitting back playing back all these memories in my mind
In the end they all lead up to you
The woman I want to be
I never felt so free
You are my aspiration and motivation
All the pain and the stumbles
The grief and the fumbles
It all leads to you
The higher me
The strong me
The wise me
There’s no turning back now
I got the magic glasses on
Never been more spiritual
Never thought this would happen,
Its a miracle
Finally crawled out the dark into the beaming light
I realize I got it inside
I’m the beaming light
Finally took the chains off my heart
Right now is a new start
A new me
Finally I’m free

Thank you for reading. Are you going through a new start ? Tell me what you think down below. Please like, share, and subscribe. Stay balanced.

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