I have been feeling different lately. My dreams have been crazy. My dreams have been playing off my desires and feelings. I’ve realize I don’t care about baring out my soul, thoughts, and emotions because I want to help those people just like me or shall I say the old me. I take accountability because I’m here to gain experiences and I’m not ashamed to say that I am still growing, maturing, learning. I love with my heart with pure intent because that is the love I would like to receive back and I genuinely care. I’m not afraid to debate or get a bit confrontation because sometimes that energy is needed and I like to pick others mind and start to shed light on my inner thoughts. I’m no longer afraid or staying in, curled up in the dark because this is who I really am. I’m not longer sleep or hiding myself. I’m showing the real me and all of me . The messy parts and the parts that are whole. I’m still working on my fragments with gluing them back to the full mirror. I am who I am and I realized I know myself and truly love myself. The past still tries to haunt me or past mistakes, but I won’t allow it any longer. I’m putting my foot down; those things happened, it is done, I forgive , and I move on . I’m letting go of feelings, emotions, and experiences that do not serve me. It’s time to heal past trauma and move on to create something new and better. I’m definitely going to start living the life I want to live and putting myself on that frequency of living. I can do it and I shall.

Thank you for reading. Tell me what you think down below. Have you had deep Revelations lately ? Please like, share, and subscribe. Stay light and balanced .

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