The dark Past and my old self is dead
she lies in a coffin now
The dark Past with terrors that clouded my head
Still tries to come to the fore front but have been laid to rest now
I’m glad
never been happier to let the darkness go
I said my goodbyes and made my peace
now I’m moving on
when it is time to reach there I will but now is the time to be still
The dark Past
Those long nights still sometimes play back in my head
but now is the time for you to stay dead
Lay there in peace
when I need you I’ll know where you will be
I love my old self
but she is now gone
I want to expand further and see what new life I can now draw to myself
I learned so much from you
but now is time for me to be done with you

Thanking for reading. I am still learning and making mistakes, but I am constantly trying to grow and overcome myself. Tell me your thoughts. How do you feel about yourself ? #Stay light. #777

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