What is Samadhi ?

According to Google ” a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. In Hindu yoga this is regarded as the final stage, at which union with the divine is reached (before or at death) “. My take on this is like dying before dying. Some people may have experienced this that took DMT before.

The “Indigo” and “star seeds” are invoking the path of Samadhi. We are trying to break down the construct of society. we want to face the truths about ourselves, the world, and the pain that has been caused because of peoples actions. We are starting to break free from the matrix in our minds and are starting to listen to the heart, so the mind can be of service to the heart. The truth of who we are is buried deep within us. It is our birthright to be able to identify with ourselves without all the pathological thinking and ego.

It is time to let the ego fall at the waste side. All the ego has done is separate us. Really we are all one. You once understood that, but now you identify with self. Identifying with self and trying to achieve things in your own self interest is the problem. Think about it, has everything deep you learned about been very simple ? Becoming whole or trying to achieve enlightenment is not trying to achieve it. Meditating (which is being still, controlling your breathing, and clearing your mind) is simple and is one of the main things, if not the main thing to help reach enlightenment.

All in all we make the choices and have free will. The main choice we have been making is to identify with self. Now some people want to have their own individual experiences, which nothing is wrong with that. The problem has been is the ego and the mask we put on has been getting in the way of people living free or being able to express themselves freely. ultimately, life can be simple. We, the people, make it hard because of the perspectives we hold and how we have been taught. We all have the power to change, free our minds, and live in our truths.

It could all be so simple. All it takes is just being still for a moment and letting the truth come to you. You know everything. All knowing is deep inside you. You don’t need someone to think for you. You’ve been on a journey, but once you realize everything is in you, the journey stops. Or does it?

Thank you for reading . Tell me what you think about this topic in comments down below. These are only my opinions and what I took from learning about Samadhi. I still have much to learn and some more stillness to do.

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