Credit to energy muse

What are crystals ?

Crystals are beautiful rock formations. Simply atoms and molecules. What they are made of determines how they will form. Crystals can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for decorations, science tools, mediation, etc. A common purpose it is known for is to help with spiritual growth.

According to Wikipedia “Crystals can have certain special electrical, optical, and mechanical properties that glass and polycrystals normally cannot. These properties are related to the anisotropy of the crystal, i.e. the lack of rotational symmetry in its atomic arrangement. One such property is the piezoelectric effect, where a voltage across the crystal can shrink or stretch it”. I feel this how people can sense a crystal that “calls” out to them because of this effect.

What crystals are used for?

Many use crystals for its healing properties and to help on their spiritual journeys. I personally love crystals. I collect them and they have help me in such a huge way. I take healing baths (when you place the crystals In your water), I’ve been drinking a cup of crystal water a day now, and mediate with them when I can. I try to really make the most out of having them.

Crystal healing is being used to help balanced chakras with the metaphysical properties. Which mainly it is science in which this works. Electricity flows throw our bodies and the crystals can balance our energy field and draw out the negative energy that flows in us. Many people are growing spiritually and trying to heal thier mind, body, and soul.

In concluding, I feel people on their spiritual journey should dive into crystals. There are so many crystals and gemstones that can help heal you and grow on your path to inner truths and balance.

Thank you for reading. Tell me about your crystal journey and whats its like having one. Please like, share, and subscribe. Stay balanced #111.

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