In a lot of my poems I refer to my own self as a wild wolf. Under the moon I am different and beast like. Unfocused and want to enjoy quick gratification. On the flip side I refer to myself as the bird more focused and wanting to break free from the pain and night life ways I had.

I’m now trying to balance myself. Someone that would be pure and innocent, but get caught up in dark ways because they are naive, new to everything, and curious. Thinking they could hold control of a situation, but could easily be let astray and lose control or be tricked. It is so important to not let curiosity and other endeavors led you astray from staying at your center. It is so easy to be put off track because people love to be satisfied in a sense.

When people saying “they are searching for something” , they are essentially looking for something they think they lack or lost. But it’s there the whole time, the realization was not there. “Chasing the rainbow” in a sense is exploring your shadow self which can be sexual at first, but then lead to deception, immense danger, and even death.

We all battle with our shadow selves on a daily. We soon forget the government and society have a role in how we view ourself and relationships. These outside factors have a role in what we do and how we do it in a sense. It is up to yourself to break away from the toxicity of the world and stop being naive and also take control of your mind and yourself. These outside factors are trying to think for you and control you to the fullest. Hence laws, tv, media, music, etc.  You have to be aware life is more then what these forces try to tell you. Life is not about how cute you look today, what is so and so doing today, and oh I gotta work and get paid today.

Life is so much more, your mind is so much more, you are so much more…
The true yin and yang, you have to find the balance and learn how to keep it steady the end of the rainbow is not light is darkness…in darkness truth can be found because light can be an illusion.

Thank you for reading ❤️😊. Tell me what you think about my opinions. I gave deeper meaning on my poems. I haven’t posted alot, but I will eventually. Please like. Share, and subscribe.

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