It’s funny how love works
One minute you’re so in love and the next minute you could fall right out of it
You’ll leave the known to go to the unknown
You’ll stick around because you like how that person makes you feel, what they do for you and to you
It’s just funny
You’ll do so much for a person you may or may not have a long lasting relationship with
You don’t know
You just feel and make decisions off of that
You use your head sometimes, but you mainly feel
You try to explain these feelings, but there are really no words
It’s just funny, ya know
You’ll deal with insecurities and jealously
The times you guys laughed
The times there weren’t there for you
The times they were there exactly you needed them
The times of comfort
The times when there were no comfort
The times you had disagreements
The times you felt completely alone
The times when you did not know each other were anymore
And then there are times when you take a chance on love because you feel this person may be the one
Times when they make you smile
The times when you make sweet love
The times when they feel like most special person on earth
The times when the little cute moments counts and time stand still for you
The times you wish the moment never ended
People would do anything for love and put up with so much for a person you’re so sure, yet unsure about
For someone you just feel a good chemistry
For someone there is no explaining it, you just feel it in your being
Love is unexplainable
The way it works is just crazy
It’s funny in a not so funny way

Thank you for reading 😁❤️. Tell me what you think about my words down below. How do you see love? Please like, share, and subscribe. Stay light and balanced.

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