I’m starting to realize that life is a journey we truly walk alone
There’s people that’s in our lives
But people can come and go
The ones that stay, help us figure out who we are and who we don’t want to be
This journey is long, full of love and unfairness
Trials and test to see what side of the fence you are on
Life is short but death is forever
The day we are born we are alive but  begin to die
It’s not until we die we truly live forever
When we die we live on in spirit and soul
This journey is a long one
We cross these roads and build up these walls
We destroy ourselves and lift ourselves back up
Really like a Phoenix we are
Life goes on, time stands still
This journey probably have no ending
We won’t know until it begins

Thank you for reading 😁❤️. Tell me what you think down below about life and your personal journey. Hope it help someone out there 🗺️. Please like, share, and subscribe. Stay light ☀️🙌.

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