Why Do We Have Black Friday?

So apparently due to my research we have Black Friday because two people back in 1869 created a Boom and Bust in gold prices to make a huge profit. A Boom phase is when growth is positive in the stock market or economics. In the Boom phase if the gross domestic product growth stay in 2% and 3%, the phase can lasts for years. Also if the Boom phase last it accompanies a Bull market or “Bull run”, which can cause housing prices to rise, wage growth, and low unemployment.

The Bust phase is when Gross Domestic Product turns negative. In the phase the unemployment rate goes up and the investment value of investment falls. If this phase last for up to 3 months or so, it can turn into a recession, followed by a bear market. That is the just of what these two people created. These phases follow the laws of supply and demand.

Moreover, After The Boom and Bust in 1869 prices fell 20% which lead to a stock market crash and commodity prices fell 50%. Of course because of corruption going on at the time, the individuals got away with it. In 1966, The Black Friday name became about because of the traffic jams and violence due to low prices in the holiday shopping season. Black Friday is basically just for retailers to make money and not go bankrupt during the end of the year shopping season.

In Conclusion, I feel as though all this stuff going on is fake and of course made up. The masses follows trends and do not questions things. The stock market is made up, and the credit system is made up. Two people created a stock market crash lets you know all this stuff is made up. Somehow we all have to follow this made up system, struggle, look for its loop holes, or completely go against the grain. To me personally the way the world is ran now with this economic system do not make sense. Why cant we simply trade? Why can’t crystals and gemstones be a form a payment ? Why do paper, because that’s what it literally is paper, have to be our form of payment or value? Just a few questions, thoughts, and explanations.

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