The ways of the old world is coming to an end.

It is time to change your thoughts and change your thinking patterns. The 5th dimensional shift is taking place and will be over in January. By now everybody is either moving in the right direction or standing still to be honest. Those that deal with astrology know we are in mercury retrograde. Facing the past to have a better future. These are the times to end things that do not serve you and move on. It seems like a time of judgment, rapture, etc. Whatever you want to call it. It can be an chaotic time if you are lost in illusions and emotions.

I would say hold on to yourself, stay focused, and do not let people plant fear based ideas. Everybody are all on their own journeys, but I feel like at times people can be fear based without even knowing it. Even when it comes to astrology, you are your own person and everything happening in your life is situational compared to someone’s else life. What I mean by that is, there is no one way and straight lines. With this mercury retrograde going on and with everybody talking about “The Shift”, know who you are and where you want to go on your spiritual journey. Everybody is saying this is how you’re going to feel, think, and express yourself. I’m just sitting back and observing the content creators.

All in all stay informed and walk your own path. Take the good from the bad, Even with some of your favourite content creators. You can end up getting lost by trying to follow someone else ideas or thought forms. In these chaotic esoteric times listen to your own intuition and go into things with a clear mindset. Stay light and balanced as a feather. 444

Music To Help Soothe The Soul

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