1.) What are your strengths?

2 .) What do you like about yourself?

3.) What are you willing to allow in your space?

4.) What are you not willing to allow?

5.) Have you truly faced your fears?

These are questions I heard a YouTuber I followed called lucid living. when I heard these questions it hit me, I still haven’t fully answered why I love myself and what boundaries I am willing to set dealing with people to protect my energy. I recently realized how much of an awesome person I am and what I already accomplished In my life. I often face certain trials and tribulations to set me off track, but I’m still staying the course.

Through all my trials I survived and am still surviving. Early in the month of September I almost lost my life due to a car accident and I’ve been deeply thinking about my actions and karmatic energy I created for my myself. Ultimately I’ve been growing as a person and learning how to love myself.

Throughout everything I’m still here standing and trying to help Inspire others. Self love is the key. I know I will no longer accept bad energies and vibes in my space. I no longer will emit self hate. I love myself imperfections and all. I live my life for me and no else. I only accept truth, love, and knowledge in my space.

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