I’m sure people see it by now how weird the world may be seeming with Terrance Howard talking about opening the flower of life in it’s “proper” form and taking a 3D shape to a woman killing a man and only getting 10 years (Chicago case) . With true Ascension is like in Naruto becoming sage mode or I should say learning how to BALANCE your good and bad .. masculine and feminine energies. you don’t have to per say leave your body or forget about the human experience, but simply bring your higher self into yourself ..merge basically with your higher self and become that sage or monk or goddess or God.

True wisdom is knowing when …when to do pretty much everything. it’s a true balance that is all. it’s time for society to throw away what they thought they knew and these old ideologies and restore the proper balance. You shouldn’t just try to ascend and just forget about the human self or lower self unless you want to. But ultimately the scales of the heart, mind, body, and soul . It the balance and the right frequencies.

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