The majority accepted chaos, obeyed fear and curate pain. why not live”?

Why do we focus on the things we fear instead of what we desire or want? What you pay attention to will manifest into your reality. You are the creator of your own reality.

Your thoughts and focus come to life. Have your fears ever came to past? I know mines have because I was working from a fear based mind. I had all these barriers, fears, and insecurities. Everything I was afraid of, I would think about it and then it manifest into my reality. Rather if it was in intimate relationships, friends, family, or just around me in general, etc. You are you’re own worst enemy, if you allow it to be that way.

  • First thing first is to stop being fearful or troubled.
  • Second thing is to look into yourself. What are you insecure about? What is the reasons for these fears? Once you know, you can change, but you can not change what you simply do not know.
  • Third thing is Let go of all the hurt and pain. Let it go and move forward. The past is the past. It time to live your best life and keep moving forward. I mean reflecting on your past can help you to correct some things for help the future.

But overall it’s time to move on and let it all go. Let go of all the worries and pain. Heaven is an state of mind. You don’t just become happy you choose to be happy by putting things in motion that makes you happy. And also by focusing on and doing things that makes you happy.

I feel like I say things a lot. But just bare with me. I mean well, trust me.

The most important thing which is love yourself. Once you actually love yourself and don’t mind being alone with yourself and your own thoughts; you can truly love someone else. Life is what you make of it. You are the creator of your life, movie, script, whatever you want to call this. You are player number one. Don’t forget this. Stay light folks #333.

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