Isolation Can Be A Good Thing

Lately I have been going through an isolation period. I’ve made a few big changes in my life and I feel better for it. With so much going on and all the distractions that can pop up, I tend to get away from self. Now I am back focused with no distractions. I feel lighter and more free. It is best to not ride the fence and make a stance for yourself, even if no one agrees. This is your journey and your life, you don’t need anyone permission to be yourself and do what’s best for you.

Also many of the chosen ones may be going through the same thing and it is OK. With all that is going on, its important more than ever to get in tuned with yourself. That time alone is needed to work on mind, body, and soul. Then you will be able to experience the life you want and manifest your golden reality. Read, jog, write, make videos, etc. Do what it is your passionate about and things will fall into place.

Ultimately, the goal is for you to go into self and master self. Its for you to become God/Goddess body in the flesh or leave the flesh. Leave behind all the negative energy and let the manifesting begin.

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