Pay Attention to Neter and the Elements

I had some deep revelations as of late. There will soon be a new world coming. We are at war and it is silent, but soon it will be violent outwardly in your face. Mother nature or Neter has been cleansing herself (hence the wildfires). In the book of revelation it said the Earth will end in what ?…Fire. It is a cleanse going on, like when you cleanse your body of toxins. There is a new beginning coming up fast. Everyone that is unlocked or woke need to pay attention to the numerology, the wind, the trees, the people around them. Those of us that is unlocked (woke), came back for graduation day. We came back to embark on a higher consciousness, restore the balance, and fight in this war of spiritual warfare.

With what I’m saying is not from a fear based mind at all. I am actually excited for what is about to happen. I don’t know about most people, but all my life I have had dreams about floods, not trusting the church (the masses), not being a follower, not being afraid. I was supposedly going through my training and I still am. This construct of this reality will come crashing down for those of us that is unlocked. That is why I have been pushed into doing this blog. That is why everyone is shifting their way of thinking. Everyone is being called to the forefront. I am going to share a video and let it speak for it self. The signs, the hard times we have endured, all has been for a reason. W e are all being pushed toward our purpose and following our intuition.

If you haven’t been fully unlock or haven’t have certain experiences its OK. We are all playing a part. We can not force others to be apart of the change or judge them. Ultimately everyone has to play their own part, follow their mind, and heart. Stay true to your truth and get into touch with nature before 2020. You need to have your clear vision. All will be revealed and the veil that was on your eyes will dissipate. At this moment my thoughts are all over the place for I am realizing and putting two and two together with my own life.

Good luck Everyone and listening to your intuition.

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